<input type=range> coming to Mozilla

I've been working on adding support for <input type=range> to Mozilla. This work is progressing well and <input type=range> is now turned on in the latest Nightly builds to help gather feedback from content authors. If you're interested in <input type=range> I'd love it if you could try it out and report any problems/make enhancement requests. Be sure to mention "<input type=range>" in the Summary field of any reports that you file, and add ":jwatt" to the CC field. I'm currently on vacation but I'll work through any issues that are reported once I get back next week.

To allow content author's to style <input type=range> there are currently two pseudo-elements, ::-moz-range-track and ::-moz-range-thumb. Very rough WIP documentation is here.

Known issues:

  • the default CSS styled appearance still needs work, and native theming (giving the slider the appearance of the operating system's theme) is still to come
  • vertical slider support is currently disabled until we decide how to allow authors to specify that they want a vertical slider (www-style discussion)
  • @list/<datalist> is not currently supported
  • there are rounding issues when the range's steps have fractional values



Thanks for improving our support of the new input types!

I really appreciate your work on this--thanks!


Please, tell me how to suppress the dotted outline when range input control gets focused. I've experimented with pseudoclasses/pseudoelements: focus, moz-focus-inner, moz-focus-outer and moz-focusring but to no avail. My page is very simple, just a background image and one heavily styled range input control and the focus outline gets in the way.


Right now you can't - sorry. I've filed bug 932410 to make that possible. [And apologies for the tardy reply. I got behind on processing my spam filter backlog.]

I'm really looking forward to mozilla finally supporting this. here's an example of something that I'd like to do in firefox but is not currently possible:


Any idea when this will be supported?

That should be possible with the new range support.

Coming when? It doesn't seem to be in ff 22.

FF 23.

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