Testing sizing and fit when SVG is embedded by reference

This test contains multiple cases where SVG is embedded by reference for different permutations of values specified for the width/height properties on the embedding element, and for the attributes width/height/viewBox/preserveAspectRatio on the embedded SVG. This test allows testers to check what dimensions implementations give to the embedding element in different cases, and the way in which the SVG is fit to the embedding element's dimensions.

When thinking about how each case should display, keep in mind the two step process that implementations should be following here. First the dimensions of the embedding element are supposed to be decided using the CSS Replaced element rules, then, that settled, the SVG is supposed to be fit to the embedding element using the SVG rules.

Under each heading below the same SVG file is embedded by reference four times. The first time it is embedded using an <iframe> element, the second time using an <object> element, the third time using an <embed> element, and the fourth time using an <img> element.

Total number of permutations displayed:

For comparison, 200px x 100px embedding a 200px x 200px PNG

Everything else that follows are SVG tests: