First day of work at the London Mozilla Space

After Ravi Pina and his team heroically worked through Sunday, the London Mozilla Space now has an Internet connection. Today, oh happy day, the local Mozillians were finally allowed in to work there for the first time. :-) I turned up nice and early at 8am thinking that my fellow, impatient locals would already be there waiting to get in and celebrate - err, I mean work - but due to a misunderstanding it wasn't until midday that some of them turned up to join me. :-/ Nonetheless, nothing was going to dampen my spirits today. After 3 years of working from home, I'm very definitely going to enjoy having a place to go and work with my Mozilla colleagues.

A big thank you is due to our Rob Middleton and to the team at V3 - particularly Matt Wright - for designing and building such a great place. Big kudos also to the Mozilla management for listening to their remoties and seeing the potential and benefits of opening Mozilla Spaces. This one is going to rock, guys! Oh, and a big thank you to our next door neighbors, Metia, for coming to the rescue at the last moment and letting us share their Internet connection after our ISP delayed our connection date.

It isn't clear yet when we'll open our doors to general visitors. There's some ongoing fit-out work that still needs to be completed, and the kitchen and other areas still needs to be equipped. For now this will just be a soft opening for Mozilla employees and volunteers, but no doubt we'll have some opening events and welcome a wider group of visitors just as soon as the outstanding work is finished. In the meantime, here are some new photos to whet the appetite:

An office never looked so beautiful on a Monday morning:
The kitchen and community area:
A different angle on the community area:
Part of the desked area:
Chris Lord, Lucas Rocha and myself before heading home at the end of our first day at the office:

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